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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

50 H I K E S!!! (and then 4 more) ;)

Prayers Hiked:

Shelly Neighbors
Emila Griffin
Michelle Layne
Lindsey Martin
Erik Carter
Sherry Lewis
and 2 more.

It was such an overwhelming feeling to finally reach Hike 50 of Project Prayer Box. As I said on a Facebook post from that day, 50 Hikes really means (approximately):

237 prayers
200 miles
100 hours
50 gallons of water 
6 months
4 snake sightings
3 ink cartridges
2 pairs of hiking shoes
and 1 goal -- to give and receive an infinite amount of love, faith, and hope. 

Needless to say, it not only felt like a huge milestone,  but also gave me inspiration and excitement over the next 50 hikes! I wrote a prayer for the day that lifted up everyone who has submitted a prayer through the project website. I continue to pray for hope and healing for us all, and that we have the strength to believe in things we cannot yet see.

Pics from Hike 50:

Not stopping at 50 though! Here are some pics and prayers from Hikes 51-54:

Please pray for these people, who sent me the following prayers to hike:

Lord, I ask you to please help me to heal quickly and my hand be "good as new" with no surgery. Help me to find another automobile to replace the one that was totalled in the accident. I pray that the burden of paying the medial bills, car, etc. will be handled by the lady that hit me insurance. Everytime I feel there is a light at this long tunnel something else happens. GIve me the strength, patience and knowledge to make the right decisions and continue and be strong for my kids. I also pray my son will be able to get his car fixed and continue working and continue to grow and finish his education. I pray for healing and recovery for all the patients with Ebola and their famiies. God Bless and Amen.

Please pray for my little 6 year old Grandson that lost his Mama (My daughter Jessica Griffin) on July 27, 2012 to Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Pray for God's divine intervention and His blessings on this little boy and that He would touch his heart and guide his life.

Dear Lord, Please watch over Mike Polhemus and his group as they travel to your sacred land Jerusalem. Let there be a peaceful watch on Israel during his stay as they do Your works. Guide them Lord with strength and faith for their mission and return them safely to their homes in Colorado. In Your Holy Name, Amen

For my kids. That they stay healthy. And me that I can find a job. Or make money to at least support. My kids thank you.

Father God, please allow my sister to open her eyes and get help for her addiction.  

Caleb, I wish every day that I could see you. Your far to young to understand the circumstances that seperate us, however a matter of modern law and a technicality keep us from physically spending time, and learning together. See son, as a Dad I learn from you as you learn about the world, i dont teach you, I show you and it's up to you to learn. Ill see you soon my son, in the sun, the moon, the stars, I pray. God bless you beautiful, endouring child. Thank you for hiking this prayer

Praying today for the family of Sean Glanvill, a young man who passed way yesterday due to complications from a traumatic brain injury from a serious car wreck in 2007. His family's story of faith and perseverance over the last seven and a half years has been inspirational. The Sean Glanvill Traumatic Brain Injury Foundation has been established to help those with similar injuries.


Thank you all for your continued support for Project Prayer Box. Please follow the project online, using the links below.

Much love,


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