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Friday, June 6, 2014

[VIDEO] Adrian Bourgeois joins me for Hike 20! (6/5/14)

Prayers Hiked:

Adrian Bourgeois
Lou Ann
Kathy Moreland
and 3 more.

"Every great endeavor is accomplished together".

 I'm not entirely sure who that quote belongs to, but it was used in a recent service by Erwin McManus, pastor of Mosaic church here in L.A., and it sure does make a lot of sense to me. I had already decided to start opening up Project Prayer Box to other people by inviting them to hike with me (among other ideas I've got floating around), but when I heard Erwin say those words about joining together to accomplish great things, I knew it was time.

And so, yesterday morning (well, morning in musician hours), my friend/roommate/bandmate Adrian Bourgeois and I set out on the trail for Hike #20, with your prayers in my backpack and in Adrian's pocket! 

Watch this video to see the hike and hear Adrian talk about his prayer and what faith means to him:

We made it up to the the Prayer Box with your prayers, and Adrian, although terrified of the threat of a snake bite, hid them inside.

If you are interested in hiking with me or would like your story/prayer featured in a video, please email me at or through the contact form on my website. Seriously. I would love to hear your ideas and get you guys involved in this process. Adrian and I were honored to hike these prayers for you. Wishing you all hope and healing.

From the Prayers:


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Listen to and download Adrian Bourgeois' latest album, Pop/Art, here.

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