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Friday, April 4, 2014

Hike 3. The Survival Tree Survives. Again. [VIDEO] (4/4/14)

Prayers Hiked:

Diane Gordon
Leigh Ann Sublette
Nicole Needham
Sherry Lewis
Morgan Gibson
Deanna Wing
Rosie Martinez
Melanie Hendrix
Kimberly Clinard
and 5 more.

Watch this video I made of today's hike!

Day 3 of the project and your prayers just keep coming! Was a bit chilly this morning, but it took about two seconds of hiking for me to be a sweaty mess! 

I was also walking extremely fast today due to the snake warning that greeted me at the trailhead.

One of the greatest parts of today's hike was that I found out that The Survival Tree, where I had hidden my mom's Prayer Box for many months, was not, in fact, going to be removed from the mountaintop! If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the video of what happened on Day 1, just a few days ago. The area where I had hidden my mom's Prayer Box was completely demolished, but somehow, the box was still there! 

I was concerned that The Survival Tree would be removed along with everything else due to the construction. But alas, I was told today that the tree is totally safe. Actually the construction worker's exact words were, "That's a  #!@-ing grandpa tree. We'd never remove it." Thank you, sir, for clarifying.

From today's prayers:

Much love,


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