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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hikes 5 and 6. [VIDEO] (4/8/14 and 4/9/14)

Prayers Hiked:

and 4 more.

Yesterday and today's hikes were quite eventful. Here's a short video I put together:

I set out each day with your prayers in my backpack, and was ready for the trek ahead.

I saw a massive snake yesterday, which was extremely disturbing! Eeeeeeeek!

Once I got to the top, I decided to go near The Survival Tree to check on the construction site. It's really sad to see that whole area so flattened and filled with machinery. :(

But both days, I made it to the new Prayer Box and delivered the prayers. Today's hike makes exactly 60 prayers that I have hiked so far. Awesome. My hope is that I will hike 600 more! :)

From the prayers:

Much love,


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