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Friday, July 11, 2014

[VIDEO] The Fence is Gone! Hikes 27 and 28.

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This entire project, the entire journey, has been something that is bigger than me. Something that is hard for me to explain sometimes. Something that is beyond anything I could've ever imagined for myself just one short year ago. 

On yesterday's hike, I was reminded once again of the fact that something bigger is going on here, that I have no control over, and that is moving and working and guiding this project along.

As you might remember, on my very first hike of Project Prayer Box, I reached the top of the mountain to discover that the area near The Survival Tree had become a construction zone and was completely fenced off. This not only meant that the area surrounding the tree, where my mom's prayer box was hidden, was destroyed, but it also meant that I could no longer access the area near the tree. 

But then, on yesterday's Hike 28, WATCH what happened:

The fence has been completely removed! Which means that in two short weeks, when my mom is planning to fly from Texas to L.A. to do "the hike", we will be able to stand in the exact spot where her prayer box was hidden and say a prayer of thanks for her healing and recovery! Pretty amazing :).

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  1. I'm a believer. Prayer is so powerful. I'm glad Sherry is doing so well and cancer free. Paige keep doing what your doing. Your such a strong support system for your Mom. Mothers and daughters together are so powerful.
    Rosalind Pipes

    1. Thanks so much! We're sad that you won't be able to hike with us next weekend, but hopefully sometime in the future you'll be able to come out and do the hike! See you soon, Momma Pipes! :)