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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[VIDEO] My First Night Hike - with my friend Melanie :) Hikes 40 and 41.

Prayers Hiked:

Z. SanMiguel
Sherry Lewis
Bonnie Becker
Tammy Zednick
Michelle Bennett 
Melanie Hendrix
and 7 more.

My wonderful friend, Melanie Hendrix, flew to L.A. from Houston over Labor Day Weekend. She brought prayers that people had given her to hike, and one of the first things she wanted to do was deliver them to the Prayer Box. But by the time I picked her up from the airport and we drove to the mountain, it was getting quite late!! We decided to hike anyway, and spent the last hour or so racing the sun down the mountain, running away from bats and strange noises in the bushes! Haha. 

Here's a short video from our adventure :) ------------->  

And some pics:

Melanie by The Survival Tree:

Me on Hike 41 by the Prayer Box:

From the Prayers:

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