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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Hike for Breast Cancer, plus Hikes 47-49 :)

Prayers Hiked: 

Gloria Prehmus
Lori Harrison
Tad Lewis
Brenda Fiehn
Veronica Rodriguez
Roni Derry
Dianna Ray
The family of Dawn Jean Hunter Newman
The Lady in the Hat :)
and 2 more.

Lots of prayers hiked in the last week or so for Hikes 46-49! I can't believe I'm approaching 50 Hikes for Project Prayer Box! 

For Hike 46, I wrote down names of people I saw at the 2014 Race for the Cure in Houston, a few short weeks ago. It was a powerful feeling to hike for people who are affected by breast cancer, especially because my personal journey (and my mom and family's journey) is what led to the hiking in the first place.

I will be posting a video from the Race in the next week, but for now, please pray for the following people:

[UPDATE - 11/11/14 : I finished editing the video from the Race - please watch and share!] ----->

Also, the following prayers were hiked on Hikes 46-49. Please keep the following people and struggles in your thoughts and prayers.


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Much love,


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